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Sharon Stone Proves That We Can Still Rock a Bikini at 65, and Some People Spot a Curious Detail

There is much ado about what we wear at certain ages. People want to see others wearing garments they perceive as suitable for certain ages, and this can be restrictive. Moreover, it can limit the freedom of expression by adding shame to those who wish to go against the status quo. Ageism is not a new phenomenon, but celebrity Sharon Stone proudly boasted her gorgeous figure in a skimpy bikini at the age of 65. Critics might say she is too old to wear this type of swimwear, but she has decided to ignore the gossip.

Sharon Stone in a Bikini at 65

It is not common to find people wearing bikinis after a certain age. Most have been bummed out by the mainstream media’s portrayal of what is considered “acceptable” in this day and age. So much so that the amount of insecurities displayed by all ages is at an all-time high. Even with the curve-loving movements, and anti-ageism campaigns, it is still a massive issue in society.

It is thanks to A-lister celebrities like Sharon Stone that we get to see people giving the middle finger to societal norms. She recently posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account, adorning herself in a less-is-more-styled bikini. With this green and black leopard print ensemble, she proudly flaunted her toned physique for the world to see. She captioned the picture: “Ready for Summer” with the kissing lip and sunglass-wearing emojis.

The picture shows her posing in front of her mirror, turned in a complimentary way that showed off her flat stomach and listed booty. Then, if you look beyond Sharon Stone herself, you can see a portrait of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the wall. In other words, you can get an understanding of who Sharon looks up to in terms of body positivity.

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Comments of Approval

There might be many people who have negative opinions of her choice of swimwear. But, by reading the comments section of the post, it is clear her fans loved the bikini she put on. One fan wrote: “Damn Sharon can you marry it with me please I’m a good cook, I don’t need anything. I’m a healthy cooking guy but I love you all my life.”

More comments like “OBSESSED WITH YOU,“GET IT,” and “MARRY ME,” can be read with pure joy over this celebrity’s confidence over her body.

Fans Fome to Her Rescue

Naturally, there will be a few keyboard warriors who simply cannot resist giving their negative feedback. One person commented: “I love Sharon but this is a no from me. That is my opinion.” The same person replied to someone on their own comment clarifying their opinions. “At our age, we have nothing to prove and posing naked is definitely something that she does not need to do. So that is my opinion.

Thankfully, Sharon Stone has a large community of supporting fans. They immediately replied to this negative comment in Sharon’s defense. One fan replied saying, “She is not naked. But in a bikini. If u don’t like it, keep the opinion to [yourself], [because] Sharon did not ask [your] opinion anyway.

Another replied, “no need for her to be proud of her body or to wear a bathing suit. At what age does one no longer have the right to be proud of their looks or wear a bathing suit?”

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