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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
July 18, 2024 ·  2 min read

There is a Right Way to Remove Eggs from Cartons. Who Knew

Egg cartons do their simple job well; they protect our fragile eggs. It also gives easy access to whichever egg you want to take from the carton at any moment. We bring this point to your attention because have you ever noticed a pattern in which you prefer to empty your egg cartons? We bet you haven’t. After all, as long as the eggs are good, you can just choose them one by one from right to left or left to right. Or, if you are one of the more chaotic personalities, you may be just choosing them randomly.

Regardless of your order (or lack thereof), people on Twitter have somehow become extremely interested in this topic. A tweet brought attention to the topic, resulting in a heated debate about the best order. Twitter user Brian Faughnan had originally meant his question for only the people afflicted with OCD. However, there’s no reason the question would not apply to everyone else in the world. The tweet read: “Hey OCD folks. Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right?

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The Egg Carton Question

Now, it is understandable if you had never thought about this question being debate-worthy. However, as with most things on Twitter, once a question gains traction, the platform will get to the bottom of it. Or, at least, wherever the answers can lead. One answer detailed a further step: “Left to right, then I break off the left half of the carton when the left side is empty.” Another one kept the symmetry in a very interesting way: “Both sides so the center is balanced. There’s no other logical way.

If anything is proven by the answers, it’s that the OCD is very evident. The tweet gained over 500 comments, and the number of ways people choose to empty egg cartons is simply mind-blowing. In fact, some of them can lead to questioning your entire morning routine. Regardless of the correct option, there have been detailed calculations carried out regarding this question. “Mind your Decisions,” a channel on YouTube, also has a video explaining which method of emptying the egg carton may be the best one. For example, you can maintain symmetry and balance by choosing the ones on the corners. As a result, the carton will remain balanced while it is being emptied.

At the end of the day, though, the only thing that matters is that you don’t drop the eggs while emptying the egg carton!

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