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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 23, 2024 ·  4 min read

Husband Returns from Business Trip and Sees Newborn Baby on Table with Two Notes beside – a Short Story

Being biologically related to someone doesn’t mean that they are necessarily your family. It also doesn’t mean that they own you. True family is a bond between people who love and value each other. They would never dump you out in the cold, or leave you behind. Today’s story shows up the real meaning of family, and love.

Kyle Returns Home

Kyle worked on an oil rig in Alaska for the past 6 months. It was time for him to return home to his wife in Ohio, and he couldn’t have been happier. He and Sharon had been married for a few years now, and had been together since high school.

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Kyle said goodbye to the Alaskan landscape and hopped on a plane to Ohio, where Sharon would meet him. She was supposed to meet him at the airport, and Kyle couldn’t wait to see her face. However, when he arrived, she was nowhere to be seen. Assuming she must’ve been working late, he called a taxi and within one hour he was home.

As soon as Kyle walked up the path, he noticed Sharon’s car was gone. Opening the door, Kyle gasped. He noticed a baby in a crib, and two notes beside it.

The Baby and the Notes

Kyle dropped his bags and ran towards the cooing infant. He picked up the first small note, it read “You had your fun, now take responsibility for your actions.”

Completely bewildered, Kyle picked up the second letter and his heart sank. Sharon wrote the second note, and apparently wasn’t the perfect wife he thought she was.

Kyle,  yesterday I found this child on our doorstep with that note attached. I always suspected you cheated on me during your business trips, but I didn’t hold a grudge on you for that — after all, I had plenty of flings while you were away — but saddling me with someone else’s byblow is too much. I’ve filed for a divorce, and I earnestly hope I will never see you again.

“P.S. And about the baby, don’t worry, I only left when I saw you walk up the drive. Enjoy your life, Kyle, I certainly intend to enjoy mine.”

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Kyle didn’t have time to react, he knew what he had to do. He was going to raise this baby as his own. After all, Sharon left him, was cheating on him, and now there was an abandoned baby in his life. The little baby girl and Kyle bonded immediately. He knew this was the right thing to do.

After filing the paperwork, Kyle became the little girl’s legal father. He named her Lily, and the two were quite happy together for the next couple of years.

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So, as time continued on, Lily and Kyle had the best time together. Kyle enjoyed being a dad, and Lily enjoyed having him for a father. They would take walks to the park, watch cartoons, and play with toys together too.

Then, one day a woman knocked on Kyle’s door.

Hi! My name is Cherish Vegas and I’m here for my baby. Giver her to me.”

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Shocked, Kyle told the woman that she must be confused and to leave. However, Cherish was adamant and tried to barge into Kyle’s home to take the Lily. Kyle threatened to call the police if she didn’t leave immediately. So, Cherish left, but that wasn’t the last Kyle saw of her.

A few short weeks later, Kyle was subpoenaed to court in regards to a family law hearing. It turned out that Cherish was dating the guy who lived next door to Kyle when she dropped the baby off at the wrong house. Cherish’s boyfriend at the time was now going to be a famous baseball player, and Cherish wanted to tie him down with the DNA results of Lily. But first, she needed to have custody of Lily.

Court Decision

Kyle and Lily, and Cherish, and her boyfriend Blaze entered the courtroom. After a few hours, the judge was able to determine that Cherish only wanted the child to gain money, not because she wanted to be a mother. As the judge looked over to Kyle, she asked him to stand up. So, Kyle rose, and as he did, Lily shouted a laughing “daddy!” and the judge smiled. I think we have our verdict. Lily shall remain the legal daughter of Kyle. Case closed.

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Kyle and Lily continued to have the best days together and lived happily ever after as a complete family of their own.

This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental.

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