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8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

As a mother, sometimes it’s so easy for me to get so involved in being a provider and a parent that I forget to explore the other parts of myself. Raising a child could mean a sacrifice to you at first. We can focus on the things we might miss out on now that we have a little one to look after. It’s only once your child reaches the age where you develop a real bond with them; you will see that every second is worth it. You’ll notice some of your own characteristics reflected in your child as they grow. As they become their own little person, your relationship will become something completely new. However, there are things about you that make you more than just a mom. Let’s look at these together and give you something to take with you on your journey.


1. You’re their best friend

Your child relies on you for almost everything, from your nurturing comfort and caring to when they’re feeling vulnerable. The support and guidance you give them when they start their journey to independence. Your affection is all your child has known growing up in your care, and this is what they will take with them out into the world. Don’t forget how big you are in their life, because you are everything to them. [1]


2. More than just a mom – you have a healing touch

When the world becomes too scary, you are your child’s safe place. They have known that since they opened their eyes. You encourage them to pick themselves up when they stumble and tend to them when they’re hurt or ill. You’re more than just a mom. You have that magic hug that just makes everything ok. Like a fledgling, they will be under your wing until they can fly solo. [2]


3. Everone’s favorite chef

You know exactly what their favorite treats are, but you’re also secretly an expert on nutrition. Your love is expressed through the amazing meal ideas you seem to pull out of fresh air. They also love the fun times you spend in the kitchen baking together, and you even make it fun cleaning up afterward. Your child is always wondering what you’re going to whip up next. [1]


4. You’re a great housekeeper

Houses don’t clean themselves. You know this better than most. Your kitchen needs restocking all the time, and you’ll be the first to hear when the cereal has run out. Your caring is channeled through laundry baskets and dirty dishes. When you show your child how to make their bed or help them tidy, they grow from being around your energy. [3]


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5. You are a sage

Being more than just a mom, you’ve learned how to be a good listener over the years. Your child knows they can count on you for your honesty day or night. If they have had a bad dream or have worries about starting at their new school, you are there to help them push on through. Share yourself with them and they will do the same. [1]


6. More than just a mom – you’re a getaway driver

If it’s the mall, sports practice, or dance recitals you’ve got to them all in record time. You were there to pick your child up when they were feeling sick or that birthday sleepover they decided to come home from at the last minute. Your child relies on you for being more than just a mom. [2]


7. More than just a mom – you are a professor

Ever thought about how knowledgeable you are about so many different subjects? Probably not. You’re too busy helping your child solve math problems, am I right? There are lessons beyond school you will teach them too that will help them develop character. They will come to you for answers and your experience will be there for them to learn from. [1]


8. You’re their number one

You are the center of your child’s universe. Their brightest star and their number one fan, from day one. Believe in them and there is no limit to how far they will go. When you see your child happy, at work, or at play, that is the reward you’ve always wanted. Whether engaging with you at home or out in the world, your child will carry that special bond of motherhood wherever they go. That is what makes you more than just a mom.

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