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Mom and 6 sons donate a combined 17 feet of hair after friend dies of cancer

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Bullies are an ever-present factor in society. They live their lives with the ambition to torment others in an attempt to make themselves feel better. In 2017, six brothers in New York were made to feel small by growing their hair long. No matter how much bullying they endure, these kids are determined to keep their hair growing for as long as possible. The bullies had no idea their reason for a hair donation to cancer patients.

Kids put up with bullies

Phoebe Kannisto lives in New York with her family. She is raising six boys. 10-year-old Andre, eight-year-old twins Emmerson, and Silas, and her five-year-old triplets Herbie, Reed and Dexter. Her kids lead relatively normal lives, except for having grown their hair much longer than what society says is acceptable for young boys. Their long hair has been eye-catching, putting them under the spotlight for bullies who attend their school.

six brothers grow their hair for a hair donation
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Sadly, one of her sons has received the brunt of the bullying. In an interview with Huff Post, Pheobe said, “One son has been teased more than the others. He and I have had many tear-filled conversations over the last several months. He explains the process of hair donation to his peers, and some of them just don’t get it.”

When they started growing their hair, they kept their reasons very hush-hush. They didn’t want to tell anyone why they were growing their hair long, nor why they refused to cut it even though their mom was kept in the dark.

All in the name of a hair donation

As their hair grew longer and longer, the names they were called got nastier and nastier. But still, the six brothers refused to give in. they kept growing their hair for as long as possible. Their hair length reached a point where their bullies teased them about looking like girls.

Eventually, they came clean to their mother. According to reports, they were growing their hair all in the name of a hair donation. On April 24th, they managed to donate a collective 17 feet of hair if you measure their hair altogether. They sent it off to an organization called Children with Hair Loss. They are dedicated to helping children suffering from hair loss from any sort of disease or ailment.

Their dedication to the cause came from a personal experience. Pheobe explained that her friend had lost her son, who happened to be a twin. Her kids and Pheobe’s kids had become close friends. “Three years ago, my friend lost her son to cancer. He was a twin and very close in age to my twins,” she said.

Donate your hair

These six siblings are an inspiring group of young boys. If you are feeling inspired, and your hair happens to be at least eight inches long, you are eligible to improve some young person’s life. The organization called Children with Hairloss aims to bring a smile to a child who has endured suffering in some way that resulted in the loss of hair. You can donate your hair through them and make a difference in this world.

Their website reads, “Children With Hair Loss greatly appreciates all hair donations that are a minimum of 8 inches however, we have many requests from our recipients for long hair replacements that require donations of 12 inches or longer. If you can grow your hair a bit more before donating, it will help us most in our mission, “Covering Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts!”

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