gay couple and their adopted baby

Gay Couple is Given 24 Hours to Adopt Girl with Health Risks – They Agree as She Needs to be Loved No Matter What

Some people are born to be parents. Though try as they might, there are many couples that struggle to conceive or have their own children. There are many reasons this could be, but it is not the end of the world. There are so many children in this world that need to be loved, and who don’t have a family. One gay couple had been waiting to adopt a baby, and they were finally given the approval. They had 24 hours to decide whether or not to adopt a little girl with potential health issues.

Gay couple become adoptive parents

Richard Kocher and Brian Roth were simply too eager to become parents. As they are a gay couple, they decided to go the adoption route but did not anticipate how long the wait would be. After they applied as adoptive parents, they waited to be given approval. This process is quite extensive, and the adoption agencies try to find a child that fits your family in the best way. They decided to take a small holiday to a ski resort in Canada to clear their minds a bit. This was perfect timing for them to make the greatest decision of their lives

One evening, Brian and Richard were enjoying a quiet dinner at a sushi restaurant. A phone call came in that neither of them expected. Joy would be an understatement for the feeling they felt when they, but that was not all. There was a little girl who was to be born within two weeks, and she was eligible to be adopted by them. The only thing that made them hesitate was that the baby had a good chance of being born with health issues.

“We had many questions: could we parent a child who would require more dedicated time, devotion and care?” said Kocher. “Would we be enough for her? How would this change our original dreams for parenthood?”

They went for a ski to mull it over

Richard and Brian decided the best way to make up their minds would be to get some oxygen to their brains. So, they got into their gear and went up the mountain. While they were in the ski lift, the couple decided to become the fathers of this little girl regardless of her health. “Adoption was about what was best for the child,” said Richard and Brian. “Not about the parent’s dreams and fantasizes. The truth of the matter was, this little girl needed parents who’d love her no matter what.”

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The soon-to-be fathers were ready to take on the challenge of raising this little girl. They knew it was going to be a rough ride as new parents. On the day of her birth, the couple was over the moon with happiness when the doctor told her that she was a perfectly healthy baby. Although, she was very small. They called her baby M.

“We came back from the hospital in state of shock, delight, and some healthy fear,” said Brian. “At every subsequent Doctor’s visit – she presented as a completely healthy, average, albeit, tiny baby girl.”

The gay couple and new parents have loved every minute of being a family. They promised to take her on many ski trips in Canada. This was a special place for them because it was where their journey as parents began.

“We still go back to the same Canadian ski resort every year as a family,” shared Kocher. “A ski lift is where my husband and I committed ourselves to becoming a family … We’re riding up that same mountain together.”

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