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Mayukh Saha
July 7, 2024 ·  7 min read

10 Gas Brands To Completely Avoid At All Cost

When picking a gas station in 2024, there are more things to think about than just the price and location of the gas brands. Customers need to be aware of a number of things that can have a big impact on their experience and the health of their car. One of the biggest worries is the quality of the fuel, which is very important for how well cars work and how long they last. For a nice and safe experience, it’s also important that the restrooms and any stores connected to the station are kept clean and in good shape. This guide will show you the most important things you should think about when choosing a gas station and which brands you should stay away from.

1. Sam’s Club

Sam's Club
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Even though Sam’s Club gas stations have good prices for members, they have been criticized for being hard for non-members to get to, which makes them less handy for most people. Customers have sometimes complained about the gas brand’s quality and regularity of the fuel they receive, which could affect how well their vehicles run and how often they need to be serviced. For people who want a full-service experience at their gas stops, the lack of extra services and comforts that are usually found at more complete gas stations can be a problem. There are also environmental concerns, as Sam’s Club gas stations only offer traditional fossil fuels and not the more eco-friendly choices like electric charging stations or alternative fuels that people who care about the environment are increasingly looking for.

2. Safeway

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Safeway gas stations are useful for shoppers at their grocery stores, but the quality of their fuel has been criticized, and some customers have said they are worried about how it will affect the performance of their vehicles. For people who want both convenience and value, the small number of locations and sometimes higher fuel prices compared to specialized gas station chains can be a problem. Safeway gas stations also don’t usually have as many services and amenities as bigger, full-service gas stations. For example, they only offer fueling services. For environmentally-conscious shoppers, the fact that Safeway stations don’t have biofuels or charging stations for electric cars could be another reason to look at other fueling choices.

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3. Pilot Flying J

Flying J
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Pilot Flying J is a big name in the truck stop and travel center business, but their buildings have been criticized for not being clean or well taken care of, which can make the customer experience bad. People have said that the quality of Pilot Flying J’s amenities, like bathrooms and food services, has been questioned at times, which has made tourists and truck drivers less satisfied overall. On top of that, Pilot Flying J focuses on serving commercial vehicles, which means that their fuel and service options may not meet the wants or preferences of regular car drivers. Concerns have also been made about Pilot Flying J’s fuel prices. Some customers think their prices are higher than those of competitors, which makes people on a budget look at other places to stop and fuel up.

4. Murphy USA

Murphy USA
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Murphy USA gas stations, which are often near Walmart shops, have been criticized for the quality of their fuel. Some customers were worried that it might affect the performance and maintenance of their vehicles. Also, many Murphy USA locations don’t have as many services and comforts as full-service gas stations, which can be a problem for people who want a more complete shopping experience. Concerns about the environment are also important, since Murphy USA, like many other gas brands, mostly sells fossil fuels, which may not fit the needs of customers who care about the environment. Murphy USA is known for having reasonable prices, but the prices can change, and sometimes they are higher in some areas. This can make customers on a tight budget look for more regularly cheap options.

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5. Love’s

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Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores are popular with long-haul drivers, but they have been criticized for not keeping their stores clean and in good shape, which can make the customer experience worse. Some customers have also said they are worried about the quality and range of food at Love’s, saying that it might not meet the needs of people who want healthy or more varied options. Also, because Love’s mainly serves trucks and commercial cars, it focuses on diesel fuel, which may not be the best option for people who care about the environment and want to find greener fuel alternatives. Also, in some areas, Love’s prices are seen as less competitive than those at other gas stations. This could make customers on a budget decide to go somewhere else to get their gas.

6. Amoco

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Even though Amoco gas stores aren’t as common since they merged with BP, they’ve been criticized for how they treat the environment, especially after BP’s past environmental problems, like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Customers who care about doing the right thing by businesses and the world may choose not to do business with Amoco for these reasons. There have also been reports of uneven fuel quality at Amoco stations, which could make people worry about how well their cars are running and how often they need to be serviced. Also, in some places, people think that Amoco’s fuel prices are higher than those of their competitors. This makes price-conscious customers look for cheaper options for their fuel needs.

7. Speedway

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People have sometimes said that the fuel at Speedway gas stations isn’t very good, and some customers have reported problems that could cause their cars to break down. Concerns have also been made about the speedway sites’ customer service. Some customers say that their experiences do not live up to their expectations of being easy and quick. Concerns about the environment are another reason. Speedway, like many other gas brands, mostly sells fossil fuels, which people who care about the environment might avoid in favor of greener options. Also, Speedway’s prices are sometimes seen as less competitive in some areas, which can turn off customers on a budget who are looking for the cheapest gas stations.

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8. Circle K

Circle K
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People have said that Circle K’s fuel quality varies from location to location, which can cause problems with car maintenance and make customers unhappy. There have also been times when the company’s customer service and cleanliness of its stores have been questioned, which has a negative effect on the general experience of people who visit its gas stations. Similar to many other gas station chains, Circle K mostly sells fossil fuels. This might not suit the tastes of environmentally conscious customers who are looking for more environmentally friendly options. In addition, some customers have said they are worried about Circle K’s price, saying they think it is higher than other gas stations in the area. This could make them look for cheaper places to get their fuel.

9. British Petroleum

British Petroleum
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BP’s environmental record has been badly damaged by events like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which has raised serious worries about its dedication to caring for the environment and using sustainable methods. Because of this, some people choose not to go to BP gas stations as a way to protest the company’s past lack of care for the environment, with the goal of encouraging better corporate responsibility. People have also said bad things about BP’s business methods, such as problems with honesty and morals. This could turn off customers who care about how companies act ethically. Additionally, customers who care a lot about their carbon footprint might prefer gas stations that offer more eco-friendly choices, like electric charging stations or renewable fuels, which BP may not offer as many of.

10. Sheetz

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The funny name might tell you something about the gas quality at Sheetz. There are red gas stations all over the United States, in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. The Kanso says that one of Sheetz’s biggest advantages over its competitors is that it sells gas at a relatively low price. Sheetz tries to keep the quality of its gasoline good by adding detergents to it, but it hasn’t built a great reputation. The gas isn’t top-tier approved, but the fact that it comes from big refineries shows that the company is trying to make its product as good as it can be.

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