Denim Panties Are Apparently a Thing Now and They Cost Over $300

The world today is, well, an interesting one. It seems like every day there is some new trend on the rise. Some of them, granted, are really, really cool. Others, not so much. Recently, we came across a trend that we just are not too sure about. Denim panties. Yup, you read that correctly. And the funniest part of all is, people are referring to these strange creations as “janties” or “underwear“.


The rise of the denim panties

Okay, so these bad boys first showed up on the runway of Paris Fashion Week for the brand Y/Project. We have to admit, they do look quite cool and dare we say, stylish, paired up with this outfit. As for actual undergarments, however, we are not too sure they would work well!

denim underwear at paris fashion week

Unfortunately, in the real world, they kind of resemble denim diapers. Somehow, however, these denim panties have actually sold out in many places. For a whopping $315, Canadian online store  SSENSE describes them as: “Denim brief-style shorts in navy. Fading throughout. Mid-rise. Three-pocket styling. Belt-loops at waistband. Copper-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Imported.”

Image of denim panties

The internet was not so sure

Of course, social media had a field day with these denim panties. Makes one wonder how on earth they have managed to sell so well?


Kinda like this ! Could be dressed really hot !” exclaimed @_JadeyGaga_.

“Yuck, even I, with no fashion sense whatsoever would say Hell no…a denim adult diaper, no thanks!” wrote user skimo66_liz.

“I am officially OLD,” tweeted @TalyaHugill.

“Oh good god,” facepalmed tweeter @MissLauraJayne.

Please, for the sake of eyes everywhere, do NOT buy these!” tweeted WestAVView. 

Denim Panties are not Y/PROJECT’s only weird clothing item

These Black Classic Front Cut Trousers sell for £610 GBP. We are not entirely sure why they are designed this way, but it’s weird. So have a look:

Y/Project Black Classic Front Cut Trousers - Editorialist

This “interesting” jacket looks like it had a bit of an issue at the dry cleaners.

man on runway

However you feel about the denim panties of 2021, remember, you could probably just cut up a pair of your old jeans and make your own if you really did want a pair. I think I will hang onto my $$$!

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