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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
July 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

Couple arrested after 10-year-old son, weighing 36 pounds, found searching for food: report

According to reports, a couple from Georgia has been apprehended following the discovery of their 10-year-old son, who weighed a mere 36 pounds, wandering in their neighborhood and heading towards a grocery store in search of food. Tyler and Krista Schindley are currently being held in the Spalding County Jail. As the judge denied their request for bond during a hearing earlier in the week.

Last Friday, police were summoned to Griffin after a 911 call. This was where the couple’s son revealed to officers that he was hungry and attempting to go to a nearby Kroger store to purchase food. He pleaded with them, asking them not to make him return, as reported by WANF.

“At a press conference on Tuesday, Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Marie Broder expressed her disbelief as a mother. Additionally emphasizing the heartbreaking nature of the situation.” Fox5 Atlanta stated. While the distressing photographs of the child are being withheld for obvious reasons, Broder affirmed that they were undeniably appalling.

Krista Schindley, 47, and Tyler Schindley, 46, were taken into custody when found to be abusing their son
Image Credit: Krista Schindley / Facebook

She further emphasized that anyone with a shred of humanity who viewed them would be deeply affected.

According to reports, jail records indicate that Tyler Schindley, 46, and Krista Schindley, 47, are currently facing several charges. These include cruelty to children, attempted murder, and false imprisonment. During a press conference on Tuesday, District Attorney Broder expressed her belief that the situation could have taken a much darker turn if the boy had not managed to escape from the home.

Upon being found, the boy was described by the police as “thin with discolored skin and visible injuries.” He was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention due to malnutrition and a low heart rate. As reported by WANF.

Citing an affidavit, the station stated that the couple deliberately withheld food from the child and confined him to his bedroom without access to basic necessities such as lights, toilet paper, and human interaction. According to court documents cited by WANF, it was revealed that the boy had also suffered from “dental injuries” and “disfiguration” as a result of the abuse inflicted upon him by his parents.

Currently, the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services has taken custody of the four other children who were discovered inside the Schindleys’ residence. A concerned neighbor living next door expressed her distress to Fox5 Atlanta, stating, “That’s just horrible. The fact that anyone could behave in such a manner, and considering they were my next-door neighbors, it makes me wonder if I should have been more attentive.” Said Kim Seigler.

Fortunately, the boy’s condition has now been reported as stable

On Tuesday, Tyler and Krista Schindley made a brief appearance in a Spalding County court. Although a bond hearing was scheduled, the couple has not yet secured legal representation for their defense. The judge assigned a date of June 12 at 9 a.m. for the case to return to court. The judge addressed the Schindleys. “I anticipate that by that time you will have legal representation, and we will proceed accordingly with this case.”

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