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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Online Can’t Agree On The Correct Way To Fold Towels

Being stuck inside this past year was hard for most of us. However, at least we managed to find new and inspiring ways to go about tidying the house. I certainly found a few life hacks to make chores easier, while others even made up a few of their own. An Australian woman with the Twitter handle @itsfrtaylorlien decided to ask which was the correct way to fold towels in her post. It seemed like people had been waiting their whole lives for this one. The response was that enthusiastic. Opposing schools of thought were at odds with one another in the comments, and the term “towel fold shaming” was even coined. Some users cited their experience in retail or accommodation as their way of knowing better. While others simply stood by their folding method dogmatically as the only way it could be done. [1]

Which is the correct way to fold towels?
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The Online Towel Debate Raged On

Before long, the tweet had stacked up over a thousand avid replies. Most towel folding aficionados felt that the correct way to fold towels was a single method like the 3 listed in the post. However, others mentioned that they used a combination of 2 or even 3 folding techniques. In a few rare cases, some adamant users even posted pictures of their nicely stacked towels. Certain towel elitists even dismissed all three methods, saying that none of them was the correct way to fold towels. The towel “folderati” continued to voice their concerns. It seems to me like they just wanted to be heard and now had the perfect opportunity. [2]

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They just couldn’t agree

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One commenter revealed that hotel folds were, “drummed into me growing up.” Another simply questioned the presentation, saying they were, “bothered that you chose to show us that side of the folded towel.” They thought that “the other side is much more satisfying. It has the curve instead of edges.” A woman said that her, “hubby is a 1. I would be none,” and then proceeded to explain her method. She said, “fold in third longways then in half and half again so that a partial unfold allows me to hang up in thirds.” Certain users agreed with “all three” methods. Saying that it “depends where they are kept.. 1 in a drawer – 2 in a linen closet -3 on display in the bathroom, etc in a basket.” One simply stated, “I’m a 2 for now; May change if I Marie Kondo my life.” [2]

This is the correct way to fold towels.
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Don’t throw in the towel just yet

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There are even more towel folds

Wait, you mean there are more folding methods? At last, we will finally know the correct way to fold towels. I must admit I didn’t put much thought into it until now. Like most of us, I’m sure; I just did what felt natural depending on cupboard space. You might even find a sense of peace in the art of towel folding. Being mindful of small things does have a ripple effect on other areas of our lives. You might even unlock some new ways to care for your towels and prolong their lifespan. There are specific folds for storing your towels in drawers or cupboards or folding extra-large towels or bath sheets. You can roll them for a neat presentation or even create an origami swan. Decide what is the best for your towels and lifestyle; maybe you need an update. “Towelify” your life! [3] [4]

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No matter which method you think is the correct way to fold towels, there will be more folding to do. That is for sure! We use towels so often in our daily lives. They are important to our families, our kids, and even our pets. The towel folding debate seems to have sparked a newfound appreciation for towels. Nothing beats the comfort of your soft towel patiently after your swim, shower, bath, or sauna. A drip-dry is no fun at all! Share your new towel folding method, and let us know in the comments if you’ve changed your ways.

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