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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 9, 2024 ·  2 min read

Boy Gives Dad A Shirt He Sewed Himself And The Precious Exchange Has Gone Viral

How many young boys do you see taking sewing classes? This 9-year-old kid from Massachusetts is one of them, and he’s giving the world the wholesome content that it so needs. On March 26th, a father of three- Aaron Gouveia, shared a video on TikTok of his son gifting him a shirt that he had created himself at the sewing classes that his school provided. The clip- which naturally went viral and was viewed more than 9 million times- shows the hesitant Sam entering his father’s bedroom and giving him the shirt. His father, Aaron asks, “You made that?” To which Sam replies, “I did the buttons and I did the button holes. I got some help, but I did most of it by myself.” 

As any father would have done, Aaron decided to model for Sam’s design and was quite impressed by it. The camera then panned to Sam who was beaming at the praise from his father. Aaron loved the 70s-style collar and the box pleat that was done on the back of the shirt. He also kept asking Sam questions about this sewing class creation like, “Can I wear this out to dinner? And why did you choose the pattern?” Sam stated, “Why I chose the pattern is, it just looks cool to me. It stands out to me. And it goes with jeans like you usually wear.

Sam showing his father the shirt he made in sewing class
Image Credits: TikTok

9-Year-Old Sam Created A Nice Shirt For His Father At His Sewing Class In School

As it goes, Aaron isn’t the only individual impressed by Sam. One commenter stated, “I have a degree in fashion designing. That there is raw, natural talent. That kid is going places if he pursues sewing!” Another individual commented, “THE WAY HE WAS STANDING THERE SMILING. I cannot. He is precious.” 

According to Aaron, Sam started taking sewing classes the previous year, because it helped with his neuro-divergent disorder. Speaking to Today, Aaron mentioned, “He’s an old soul. He’s always connected way more with adults than he does with kids.” Aaron also mentioned how Sam had been teased by the other students for being different, and for wearing nail polish. “When I showed Sam the comments on TikTok, he lit up. It completely brightened him. He’s so happy to get that validation from people.” 

Later, on March 27th, Aaron shared another video of him asking his son about the internet fame he had gained from his sewing class creation. In the video, Sam thanked all of their fans for the support- whilst announcing that he would be willing to take orders. This caught Aaron by surprise. “That caught me off guard. He hasn’t wanted to make things for people. You can even see in my first video, he’s nervous. He has a lot of anxiety and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. But after reading all the positive comments, he was like, ‘Well, I can do it!

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