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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
June 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

Billionaire’s Entitled Wife Bullies Woman With Same Last Name for Instagram Handle

Although social media helps people keep in touch with those they love, it has also opened the door to unwanted messages. One such example happened recently when a self-entitled woman bullied another woman over her Instagram handle. The story eventually appeared on Reddit, where the woman shared screenshots of the messages and madness ensued as the women argued over the Instagram handle.

Instagram Handle Confusion

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Katherine Driscoll recently got married, changing her last name to Asplundh. However, when she went to change her Instagram handle to the new name she found the Instagram handle had already been taken. Now married to an heir of a large Pennsylvania Tree Service company, she sent the other woman a message offering to buy the Instagram handle. “Hi just wondering if I could purchase your username from you. Just got married and this is my new name,” the newlywed wrote.

Going Back and Forth

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“Hi congrats! That’s my name too. I just googled and it said selling my username would get me banned from Instagram.” The other Katherine responded. The influencer quickly researched, pointing out that’s “not true.” Celebrities do it all the time that’s how they all have their handles as their full names,” she explained regarding the Instagram handle.

“So weird I didn’t know there was another Asplundh’s family out there. There no Katherine Asplundh in our family.” She wrote. The other Katherine, Kate, responded, explaining the account is a fake Instagram or a “finstagram” where she documents and archives private stories and photos and that her real account uses her maiden name. Coincidentally, both women had become married and changed their names but something set Kate apart. Ultimately, she disclosed she was not originally from America.

Expressing Skepticism

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The women went back and forth, arguing why they believed they had the right to the Instagram handle. Eventually, after no apparent resolution, Katherine Driscoll-Asplundh became skeptical of the woman’s identity, accusing her of “pretending to be someone.”

Instagram Handle Tension Arises

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I actually don’t believe that your name is Katherine Asplundh who would make their finsta (fake Instagram) their actual name? I reported you to Instagram and they’re actually able to tell me your real name I really hope I don’t know you because that’s gonna be really embarrassing for you.” She wrote, adding that Cabot had also reported her.

Commenters Respond

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Ironically, Kate disclosed that she would have given the Instagram handle to the social media influencer, rather than sell it. However, when she got “snarky” responses she decided it “wasn’t worth it.”

The women’s conversation inspired several responses from internet users who couldn’t get over how entitled the woman felt to the Instagram handle.

“Legitimately INSANE behavior “I don’t believe that’s your name” HUH?!?!” Commented one user.

“The pivot from hey girly to LET ME SEE YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE gave me whiplash.” Added another.

“From now on you live on that Instagram account. Do not sell it to this ridiculous woman. I would actually make that public but that’s just me being petty.” Said a third person.

Family-Owned Corporation

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The newly married social media influencer married Cabot Asplundh, whose family owns Asplundh Tree Expert Co. in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. The company was “established in 1928,” according to its website. Since then, they have been family-owned and operated, outside of Philadelphia. In contrast, they’re one of the wealthiest families in Pennsylvania and the 109th largest private company in the U.S.

In Conclusion

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Katherine isn’t only married to a billionaire. She’s also a social media influencer with over 15 thousand followers on Instagram, and her social media is teeming with posts showcasing her extravagant life, incredible fashion and adventures, and her adorable new husband. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that she would want her Instagram handle to reflect her identity. Sadly, she went about it in a way that made her seem out of touch with reality.

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