A Woman Waited 54 Years For Her Lost Husband And Finally Discovered He Has Remarried And Had Many Children And Grandchildren

Waiting for someone to come back could be one of the tensest moments in one’s life. For, the possibilities are endless- they might never return, for one. For another- they could possibly be dead. And if the person you are waiting for has gone to fight a war, the chances of that happening are quite high.

But even then, despite all the adversities, when they do come back- the happiness is insurmountable. And yet- that is not a prize everyone receives. For some, waiting is an eternal game. They wait and wait for some shred of news of their loved ones, and in the case of this particular woman, wait for 54 years before they receive news that their loved one was never really theirs to love. 

This is the story that took place in a war-torn country, which resulted in families relocating all over to escape the sufferings of war. In a small village standing beside the mountains, a newly-wedded couple had just started their married life together when they received a call for the husband to fight at the forefront. The husband went to war but promised his wife that he would come back for her. The wife, on her part, promised the husband that she would wait for him forever. While one can never deny the bond between newlyweds, one would also have to understand that war doesn’t truly understand the significance of love. 

Wife Waits More Than Half A Decade To Meet Again

Unfortunately, the wife had to relocate to another city- and her husband had no clue about that. As it turns out, they lost contact. For several years since the relocation, the wife tried to get information about her husband. But all she received were vague statements that said that either the husband had vacated the area himself or he had passed away. Nevertheless, the wife never stopped trying to get information about her husband- and she also never remarried- keeping her promise intact. Although her family and her friends tried their hardest to convince her of remarriage- she was undeterred in her promise. 

The woman who waited 54 years finally meeting her husband.
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Soon, 54 years had passed but the wife never remarried. She was now a grey-haired elderly woman, and her only regret was not knowing if her husband was alive or not. But she never regretted remarrying- because her word of honor was more important than finding another husband. But when 2020 arrived, it brought a whole other tragedy with itself. The woman got to know that her husband was actually alive. And when the couple met after 54 years, the woman faced a disappointing reality. She came to know that her former husband had remarried quite promptly- and had multiple children and grandchildren. 

The Meeting Came With A Bittersweet Shock For The Woman

When the couple met after 54 years, the husband was quite embarrassed because he had remarried but his former wife hadn’t. But this didn’t stop them from hugging and crying for being away for so long. The now-grandparent also admitted that he felt quite guilty about remarrying. Despite the overflowing happiness at meeting each other again, there was some lingering sadness and anger as well. The woman cried, “I have waited for you for 54 years! Why didn’t you come to me? Where have you been all these years?” The grandfather had no response to that. 

The woman cried her heart out after meeting him.
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As it turns out, the husband had indeed kept his promise and returned from the war to his wife only to find the house in ruins. He then assumed that his wife had already passed. This is what led him to get remarried again- following which he changed his name and domicile. Maybe it was fate- for both of them never had a clue that the other was alive and well in some other part of the country. There was no internet back then- so that definitely made things difficult. 


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