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A 10-Year-Old Girl Named Miracle Helped Her Mom Deliver Her Baby Sister At Home

Helping to deliver her little sister in a home birth with the assistance of a 911 dispatcher, Miracle Moore has performed an absolute miracle herself at only 10 years of age. On October 22nd, Voila Fair, 30, went into labor while home in Jennings Missouri. That wasn’t the issue – the speed at which the baby was coming took everyone off guard.

Scott Stranghoener was on duty when he received the 911 call from a tiny fourth grader asking for help. “Hi, I think my mom is in labor,” Miracle peeped at Stranghoener on a call that lasted a mere 11 minutes. You can hear Miracle repeating the instructions provided to her over the phone back to her mother: “Don’t sit on the toilet” and “Mama, they said to lay on your back in the center of the bed or on the floor.”

Fair Family home birth
Image Credit: KSDK News

“She’s crying!” Miracle told Stranghoener. He instructed Miracle to grab a few towels when Viola had trouble lying down. He told her to place them underneath her body to support her. She was there through every single step, supporting her mother wholeheartedly.

With a home birth imminent, Miracle waited for emergency services

The tiny 10-year-old unlocked the door when emergency services arrived, comforting her mom the entire time. You could hear Viola’s screams of pain over the recording. “It’s OK, Mama, it’s OK!” Miracle called out to her mom. Then to Stranghoener: “I think her water broke…

She’s coming! She’s coming!” yelled Miracle, urging her mother to lie down and adding, “She’s here! … Her head is here.” it was then that Stranghoener told Miracle that he was going to assist her in delivering the baby. All you could hear from Tiny Miracle was “huh?

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Fair Family home birth
Image Credit: KSDK News

It was then that you can hear Miracle yelling “She’s out!”

Thereafter, she wiped down the tiny newborn, now named Jayla, paying special attention to her nose and mouth to clear her airways. “Be very careful, don’t drop the baby, OK?” Stranghoener said. She carefully wrapped her little sister in a clean, dry towel, covering her head to keep her warm. She even checked that the umbilical cord was safely away from her neck as instructed. You can then hear Miracle replying to responders, directing them to her mother’s room.

Video Credit: KSDK News YouTube

“You did a very good job,” Stranghoener told Miracle.

Stranghoener, later on, told NBC news affiliate KSDK, “I learned pretty quickly that we had a serious situation. We have a set of protocols that we follow, and she followed all of my instructions to a ‘T’ and did an amazing job. A few minutes later, we had another baby girl in the house,” Stranghoener added.

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Fair Family home birth
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Jayla was only due in three weeks’ time when her mom went into labor, forced into having a home birth. her mom called her birth a “miracle“. “She was really helpful,” Fair said, praising her eldest daughter. “I am very thankful.” Miracle added that her sister was “really cute” and added that “She doesn’t cry a lot and I get to hold her a lot.”

Fair Family home birth
Image Credit: KSDK News

Home births in the US have risen in popularity, reflecting a 19% increase between 2019 and 2020 and they have happened for thousands of years, but they were not always tended to by such young children. What a miracle indeed for the Fair family who can’t be more grateful for such a wonderful outcome.

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