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Woman Buys Ring For $13, Finds Out It’s Actually Worth $957K

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That false stud on your table might just be a 24-carat gold piece.

What would you do if you were told you’d kept nearly a million dollars in a box for 33 years? I know for sure, my knees would give way and the room would spin. I don’t know if Debra Goddard had the same reaction, but I’m sure she was stunned all the same.  

In 2019, 55-year-old Debra from Twickenham, West London, was in dire need of cash and had to raise money quickly. Her mother, 72-year-old June Boyle had been defrauded of every penny she owned by a relative. Debra decided to sell off most of her jewelry, hoping to raise something substantial. Well, ‘substantial’ doesn’t begin to describe what she raised from just one ring.

 The diamond ring was actually a 26-27 carat gem
Image Credit: The Sun

A cheap piece of glass turned out to be a high-priced diamond

In a chat with The Sun UK, Debra talks about how the supposed glass ring has changed her whole life [1]. She had purchased it for £10 ($13) at a boot sale she’d gone to in 1986. She believed the value should have been appreciated over three decades and was hoping to get at least £750 ($967) for it. The jeweler was stunned out of his mind when he took a closer look.


 “When I went to the jeweler,” Debra explained, “He nearly fainted and said, ‘Do you know what this is? It’s a diamond’. I sat up all night looking at it, wondering what to do.”

The jeweler informed her that she’d kept a 26.27-carat diamond in her box for 33 years. Later, she auctioned the diamond and received £740,000 (approximately $957,000 USD at the time) for it. Truly incredible. The whole story sounds more like a wishful dream that rarely ever comes true. To Debra’s delight, her own dream was an exception [2].


It turned out to be the nearest you can get to perfection,” Debra said. ”It was like when Del Boy would tell Rodney, ‘This time next year, we’ll be millionaires’. It proved right.”

Mama June gets to see the world

Debra is focused on mending her mother’s broken heart. Losing everything at the golden age of 72 couldn’t have been easy. Debra isn’t interested in spoiling herself silly and jetting around the world on vacation.  She simply wants her mum to enjoy her golden years in happiness.“She’s had holidays in Barbados, seen Tom Jones, seen Celine Dion in Vegas, and bought a fur coat. The money isn’t important to me,” Debra said. Mama June is certainly living the life!

It’s possible that Debra’s selfless acts of charity attracted good fortune to her. She’s a volunteer at a runaway kids’ home and has fostered over 20 kids in the past. She believes in spreading love and lending a hand wherever it’s needed, and she’s not planning to stop now.


Debra went on to establish a vintage jewelry firm. Her firm’s primary aim is to seek out car boot sale bargains. She even wrote a book about her bargain-hunting escapades. “I volunteer with a runaway kids’ charity. If this book makes money, I want it to go to them and youth leaders.” Truly, love is something if you give it away. It will come right back to you. Debra’s love came back to her in the form of a diamond.


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