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During Wedding, Pastor Tells Bride To Step Aside

If you have ever been in love, you will know the excitement that comes along with being proposed to. But what happens when you have a little more than just yourself to think about? What happens when you have a child or a parent who needs looking after, what happens to them when you get married, how would the love of your life show them that he loves them too? Does he need to even do that? Well for this young man, he thought especially how the disabled sister of his soon-to-be bride may feel when he pops the question, and he made her feel just as, if not more, special as his future wife. Grab the tissues because this one is a tear-jerker, and even though it is a story from 2017, we are sure there are still many good guys just like this out there!


Finding Love

Will Eaton found the love of his life in Ashley Schaus and he could not wait to make her his wife. But Ashely came with a little more baggage than your average girl. But after seven years together, he knew that she was worth the extra work and extra commitment. You see, Ashely has a sister with down syndrome and diabetes, and she will always have to be in the care of her older sister. When Will started talking about marriage, he even joked about never imagining he’d get to marry two girls at once! For Hannah, the little sister with down syndrome, and her sister, they had no idea how true these words really were!

During a family photoshoot, Will decided to make Hannah feel like an absolute princess by going down on one knee and asking her to be his “Best friend forever”. Told you, you’re gonna need tissues for this one! Ashely knew what was coming when she commented to Will how she bets she is next in line.

Will Eaton asks Hannah Schaus to be his "Best Friend Forever" before turning to his girlfriend and asking her to marry him.
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A Wedding for Three

The day came when Will and Ashley did get married, and of course, Hannah was not excluded. She and Will shared “Best Friend Vows” with one another. Among Hannah’s vows were to share secrets, go fishing and take care of one another for life. Hannah and Will also had a first dance to “Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson during the reception. Ashley did not mind sharing her day with her little sister, who even got to pick out a special white dress for the occasion.


Weddings aren’t all about love and lust and everything. It’s about bringing two families together. I’m bringing Hannah as my family into this.”

Check out this video from USA Today to see the special moments between this adorable trio:

Will Eaton

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