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Old Lady Pays for Granddaughter’s Wedding With All Her Savings, but is Uninvited at Last Moment — Story of the Day

Many parents picture their child’s future wedding day with excitement. Then, when they become grandparents, they have this anticipation all over again. This grandmother, who told her story on AmoMama, was just the same. She had been imagining her only granddaughter Clara’s wedding since she was a little girl. So much so that she had been saving money up for years to help pay for it. Then, as the day was finally near, her granddaughter removed her from the guest list. This is what happened next.


Grandma Pays For Granddaughter’s Wedding Then Is Uninvited

Agnes was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. All her life she’d cared for the people most important to her. She absolutely doted on her granddaughter Clara as she grew up. The little girl, now a young woman, had spent all of her summers growing up at Agnes’ house. Unfortunately, when Agnes was 75, her beloved husband Edward passed away. Soon after Agnes’ own health began to take a downward turn. She moved to New York to live with her son and his family. At first, things went really well. The family was very loving and caring toward Agnes. Things changed, however, when doctors diagnosed Agnes with dementia.

Agnes overheard her son arguing with his wife daily about her care. His wife, Linda, wanted them to move Agnes to a nursing home. She was also upset about how much treatments would cost as Agnes’ condition eventually worsened. She knew her son loved her, but the animosity she felt coming from her daughter-in-law hurt her. Agnes felt bad that she was causing problems in their marriage.

Still, Agnes chose to stay at the house, primarily because of her granddaughter Clara. She absolutely adored her granddaughter and wanted to spend time with her. She knew that she likely didn’t have much time left. Naturally, she was then overjoyed when she learned Clara was engaged. Seeing her granddaughter walk down the aisle in her wedding gown would likely be one of the last things she would do on this earth.


A Generous Offer

As already mentioned, Agnes had been saving money for years for Clara’s wedding. She also had been left with some savings from Edward after he passed. She put this money in a special account, not to be touched except to pay for Clara’s wedding. She went to her son and his wife to tell them that she wanted to give Clara the money – $25,000 in total.


“$25,000! That’s a lot of money, mom! I can’t take this from you,” her son Timothy said. “I know you adore Clara, and you want to help us, but trust me, mom, it’s not needed.”

Agnes begged them to take it, though. She explained to him that this is what she had been saving this money for. There wasn’t anything else she needed or wanted to spend it on. Besides that, she knew she didn’t have much time to spend it, anyways. Linda naturally agreed that if Agnes wanted to give them the money for the wedding, then they should accept it. With a bit more persisting from both Agnes and Linda, Timothy agreed.


An Ungrateful Bride

Just a couple of weeks out of the wedding, however, Clara gave them all a surprise: She wanted to remove her grandmother from the guest list. Agnes overheard Clara arguing with her parents about the matter. She said that in her condition, Agnes would ruin her wedding. Her parents – even Linda – protested, but Clara stayed firm. She did not want her grandmother there and if she were to come, then she would just up and cancel the whole thing.


“Just because she paid doesn’t mean that we invite her. Don’t you remember what the doctors said? Her dementia is worsening. If that old hag shows up at the wedding, I swear I’ll cancel everything! I’m not letting her ruin my special day!” Clara exclaimed, loud enough for Agnes to hear.

This heartbreak made Agnes’ condition deteriorate even faster. Her doctors told Timothy that if the family didn’t take proper care of her, she would continue to get worse, quickly. Clara and Linda were even more upset and demanded that Timothy put Agnes in a home. 


“We don’t have time to care for her, and I don’t want to ruin my only daughter’s wedding because of her health problems,” Linda exclaimed.

It was then that Agnes had enough. She announced to the family that not only would she not attend the wedding, but she also wished to be moved to a nursing home. Timothy protested, but Agnes insisted. She explained to him that neither his daughter nor his wife wanted her here. She was uncomfortable in the home and just wanted some peace.

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The Wedding Day

It was an emotional day for Agnes when she moved to the home. It was even worse the day of Clara’s wedding. She was so confused about how her adorable little granddaughter had turned into such a hateful woman. Especially one who didn’t want her at her wedding just because she was sick. That’s when she decided that she would go to the wedding and stay hidden, just for enough time to watch her granddaughter walk down the aisle. She called Timothy and he agreed, wishing only that he could do more for his mom.


Karma Always Wins

When Agnes arrived at the ceremony, however, she heard yelling coming from the bridal suite. It was Clara and her fiance arguing. They were fighting because the groom wanted to cancel the wedding. The reason was because of how Clara had uninvited her grandmother.


“I’m not going to be with someone who doesn’t respect her grandparents, Clara. I can’t believe you didn’t invite your grandmother because you were embarrassed about her illness.” he explained.

She said that she didn’t want her grandmother to attend because she would be a burden on everyone there. Her fiance was incredulous. He reminded her that everyone will grow old at some point. His own parents were in their sixties, and now he was questioning whether she would treat them the same way she had her grandmother. When Clara still refused to call her grandmother, the fiance said that he would then cancel the wedding right then and there.

Finally, Agnes decided to step in. She burst into the room and begged Clara’s fiance not to do it. She explained that she had already decided to forgive Clara and that he should, too. Clara, naturally, was shocked to see her grandmother there.

“I just wanted to see you, honey. I tried everything to persuade myself not to come, but I really wanted to see you in your wedding gown.” Agnes explained.

Unfortunately for Clara, the groom had his mind made up: He would not be marrying this woman today. Likely, not ever. With that, he left. Clara fell to the ground sobbing.

“Are you content now? You completely ruined our wedding. Isn’t that what you wanted?” she yelled at her grandmother.

Agnes tried to talk to her, but instead, Clara just had her thrown out of the bridal suite.

A Different Kind of Party

Agnes sat in the ceremony room in shock. She watched as the guests awkwardly and somberly slowly shuffled out of the venue. That’s when Agnes finally decided to do something for herself. She called the nursing home and invited all the elderly folk who lived there. After all, she had paid for the party, so a party she was going to have. The food, decorations, DJ, and everything else were already there and set up. There would be no refund, so why not make the most of it?

Linda and Clara were angry with her for throwing a party for her nursing home friends at what was supposed to be Clara’s wedding. Agnes, however, didn’t care. Instead of feeling sorry, she was now having a lovely afternoon with people who actually cared for and like her.

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