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Man Divorces Wife for Mistress, His Parents Remove Him from Their Will And Give Everything to His Wife

Not everyone has the strength to be faithful, and having a talent for loyalty is rare indeed. For one mother, the ideas she had about her son’s morality were shattered. She found out he had been unfaithful to his young wife who had only just given birth to their baby boy –her grandson. Not only that, but he is leaving his wife and newborn child to be with his mistress. There are a few words for this kind of behavior.

Where most mothers and fathers would hide their shame in the loyalty and love they feel for their child, our story today is of parents who chose to take the side of their daughter-in-law over their own son. They made a post in the hopes it would serve as a lesson for some. Of course, it went viral on Reddit. Here is what this unfaithful man’s mother had to say about her son.

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In the Mother’s Own Words

“My son (24) mistreated and eventually cheated on his now ex-wife while she was 3 months post-partum. He is leaving town to go be with the other woman and seemingly has no regrets. Both me and his dad are ashamed seeing how our daughter-in-law is struggling to cope. With everything happening in her life while trying to care for a new baby.”

“We decided to cut him off of the will and put everything we planned to give him towards our daughter-in-law and our grandbaby. My son heard about this arrangement from his sister and is going on a campaign to guilt and shame me and my husband for the decision we’ve made. Sadly, many family members are taking his side. Calling my daughter-in-law now ‘an outsider’ or ‘not family’. Saying we’re making a mistake that will cost us our son. She is aware of the negativity around her, but she has nowhere else to go.”

“My husband and I took her and the baby in for now. We are getting heat and criticism and it’s bothersome and exhausting, but we’re standing our ground because we feel like it’s only fair to make sure our grandbaby and his mother get a stable life after what my son did to them.”

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They received a lot of Support

This post went down like a hellfire on Reddit. As to be expected they received a lot of positive feedback from those who read it. We could easily assume that the “heat and criticism” that she mentioned is coming from their son. This is because it was probably the last thing he expected his own parents to do. They have strong ideas of how people should be treated, and in their eyes, their son crossed a line. After a few queries in the comments section, they updated their post so that their followers would understand a bit better. 

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“UPDATE: Often times having disagreements with family can be very confusing and conflicting. But I look at how confident and determined my husband is to support and continue to support and provide for our daughter in law makes me more confident in my stance as well. As a mother, It’s really hard for me to witness all of this. And despite the fact that he’s my son and yes he had been going through some rough times, I couldn’t stand away and watch.”

Also as a mother if I had something similar done to me, I’d absolutely want to see my in-laws and family standing behind me as a support. I can only imagine how my daughter in law is feeling right now. Especially with everyone else showing hate towards her. Accusing her of turning us against our son. We cannot control how others act or how life is but I’m glad that I did right by my daughter in law and my grandbaby. That is all.”

They Were Praised

Most people scrolling through Reddit and stumbled upon their story were amazed at the audacity of these parents. Most would act with cognitive dissonance, and try to forget their child failed to live by the standards they were raised with. People left comments to commend them taking their daughter-in-law in and disowning their son. Here are some of the best comments:

“I’m proud of you for putting an innocent baby and its mother first in this instead of doing the “my son can do no wrong” bs. Your money belongs to you and you can do as you please with it, it doesn’t belong to your son. Your son decided to be a bad father and abandon your grandbaby. You decided to help and I think that’s wonderful. Your son is an adult and can make his own way in the world.” Commented by Resagarden

Outrageous-Yogurt-80 left this comment: “I am so happy you’re doing this for her and your grandbaby. The family members turning their backs don’t deserve to be in your life either.” Then, moonshinedegreaser wrote; “Seems like he has everything worked out. Why does he need anything from you guys?”

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