Bride being walked down the aisle by father at wedding

Dad Interrupts Wedding to Grab Daughter’s Stepdad So They Can Both Walk Her Down The Aisle

For many, a beautiful wedding with the entire family present to bless you is a childhood dream. No matter how many times it happens, weddings are always unique experiences. Sometimes, they become even more special because of the kindness of the people attending.

One such case is going viral because of its wholesomeness. The bride’s father was walking his daughter down the aisle when he stopped midway. He then proceeded to grab his daughter’s stepfather to take the walk with them.


A Wedding Special

Relations between step-parents and biological parents can sometimes be complicated. Other times, they can be as amazing as this case. Take a look at what happened, and let us know if it doesn’t melt your heart:


My dad surprised my step dad by including him in our walk down the aisle🤍 #theperfectday #fyp #wedding #dancingqueen

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In family events, especially big ones like weddings, stepparents often have to sit back a bit. However, does that mean they cared any less for the step-child while they grew up? Absolutely not. And this father made sure that the step-dad gets the deserved appreciation and recognition.

TikTok user Kelsey Griffith (@griffithk5) posted the short clip originally. According to the caption, she was the lucky bride whose father was such an amazing person at her wedding.

In the video, Kesley along with her father is seen walking down the aisle as the wedding music plays. But midway through the walk, the father grabs the stepfather’s arms. The step-father is visibly confused and thinks that he wants a handshake.

However, Kelsey’s father soon makes it clear and makes him stand beside Kelsey on the aisle. Then all three of them lock arms and continue the walk down the aisle till they reach the altar.

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The Father’s Kindness Stole Viewer’s Hearts

Later on, Kelsey uploaded another clip where we can see the step-father’s reaction better. Needless to say, he looks really happy:


Reply to @meaganbylski a different perspective from our amazing videographer @maxbernardweddingvideos

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There have been more than 5 million views for the clip showing the lovable dynamic in the family. Most of the comments praised the father’s unselfishness in his love for his daughter. Here are some of them:


When a parent loves his child with complete unselfishness

– Amy Riley Puleo

Dad didn’t make it about him. He made it about his daughter. On her special day. That’s awesome!

– Carmela Signore

Your daddy is the definition of what a real man is. On that day he realized [you’re] not only his little girl but your stepdad’s as well.

– Resa_Kaylynn91

If this doesn’t serve as a lesson to all divorced and or additional parents, I don’t know what does. Congrats to all of you. More parents could learn!

– Mndogloverfurever

Just because they are step-parents does not mean they did any less for the child. So it always warms the heart when people get recognized for their love and care over the years. 

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