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People Are Making ‘Adult Pineapples’ With Pineapple Spears And Malibu Rum For A Tropical Treat

Are you ready for summer? We are, and we have some yummy tropical treats to get this party started! ‘Adult pineapples’ are something you might not have heard about yet, but after you finish reading this article, it’ll be all you and your friends talk about. So what is this pineapple thing that’s taken the internet by storm? To answer that, we had to head to the wild world of TikTok. As someone way past their early 20s, I have to admit, I was a bit uneasy about trying to find what I was looking for on TikTok. Thankfully, the adult pineapples found me instead!


One of the most popular videos going around right now is from TikTok user ADAYWITHBEE where she makes a pretty crazy concoction. If you have been craving the relaxing beach vibes of the islands, this creation might be just what you are looking for. Cool coconut, luscious pineapple, and decadent rum- what more could you want on a warm summer day?

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How to Make Adult Pineapples

If we are following the process that ADAYWITHBEE uses, it only requires 2 ingredients and a bit of patience. Start with a jar of pineapple spears. They are just like pickle spears but sweet and made of pineapple with a sugary syrup. Pour out the sweet syrup (you may want to keep some aside to mix with cocktails later- Pina Colada anyone?) and fill the jar with Malibu rum.


You will leave the jar of rum-soaked pineapple spears in the refrigerator overnight. Now, we tried just leaving them in the fridge for various amounts of time, and if you leave them too long, they will turn into a mushy mess. We found the best way to do these is to add a bit of flair and really go to town with them. Instead of leaving them overnight to absorb all the rum in the refrigerator, leave them in the freezer for 8 to 10 hours. They will stay firmer and retain their shape. Once you pull them out, you can eat them as is or stick them on a skewer and roll them in toasted coconut for a delectable snack or dessert.


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Making Fresh Adult Pineapples

Obviously, if you don’t have a jar of pineapple spears, you can make your very own adult pineapples by slicing a regular pineapple. Please make sure the spears are wide enough to hold alcohol and keep their shape. If you slice them too thin, they will fall apart in the rum. Not that it would be a total disaster, you would just have a delicious slushy instead of a snack. Once you have your spears sliced, lay them in a deep dish and cover them with rum. Cover the dish with cling wrap and let sit in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Since these are fresh pineapples, they will retain their shape better than ones soaked in syrup.


Interesting Facts About Pineapples

  1. Pineapples originally come from South America, between Paraguay and Brazil.
  2. Pineapples are not native to Hawaii like many people think. They were brought from South America to Europe by people like Columbus, who then brought them to other lands, like Hawaii.
  3. The yummy fruit was a staple on many long voyages due to its high Vitamin C content, which helped to prevent scurvy.
  4. The majority of the world’s supply of pineapples comes from Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
  5. The most popular pizza in Australia is the Hawaiian, which consists of tomato, cheese, ham, and pineapple. And despite the name, it’s not from Hawaii either. It was created in Canada in 1962 by a Greek immigrant Sam Panopoulos.
  6. Before the Hawaiian pizza, there was something called “Hawaiian Toast.” Originally credited to German TV cook Clemens Wildenrod in 1955, the ‘toast’ is made of one slice of white bread, one slice of ham, one slice of pineapple, and topped with a slice of American cheese and a cherry in the middle. …yum.
pineapple, toast, Hawaiian, cherry, green
Wikimedia Commons: Hawaiian Toast Rainer Zenz

Will you be having yourself an adult pineapple this weekend?


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